Friday, October 7, 2011

Aerosmith – Sing Willie, Dream On and the Wonders of the Internet

In the mid 1970s, Aerosmith put out a song (that probably everyone has heard by now) called Dream On. I have to admit I have always had trouble understanding the lyrics. There is a part of the song, the chorus, that is sung a few times. What I know is that it begins with the word SING for about 30 years this is what I thought I heard:


Sing Willie, Sing for the years 

I always thought the words to the chorus was Sing Willie. I always wonder who Willie was(I was always a big Willie Stargell fan – the song could not be about Willie Stargell could it?). That is what I thought I was hearing (Willie) but really sure but about 5-6 years ago I talked to someone about the lyrics and he convinced me that the lyrics were Sing Women. Thus I now thought I was hearing this:


Sing Women, Sing for the years.

However, recently I discovered the wonders of Youtube and Pandora and I finally found out what he (Steven Tyler) was singing.  After looking at the lyrics I found out the Chorus was this


Sing With me, Sing for the years 

So after all these years I finally know the words to Dream On, (though I am not 100% positive sure the words are With me but how can the internet be wrong).

So the words for this song evolved for me from Sing Willie to Sing Women to Sing With Me which I think is its final resting place.

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