Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prospects of Days Gone Bye

Sometime in 2005, when I went to a card show I picked up some 2004 Bowman Draft cards. I just picked these players up to see if one day one of these players might turn into the next Albert Pujols. None of these players were first round draft picks. They went in the 3rd and 4th round. The players are Josh Johnson, Mark Robinson, and Cory Dunlap
All of these guys were born in the mid 1980s, so at this point in time they would be 25 or so years old. That would be getting kind of late to be a major prospect. I am positive none of these players have seen the light of day in the MAJORS. The only player I recall hearing any news about was Josh Johnson. In 2008, Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted a QB named Josh Johnson (who appears on a Topps Football Card), at first I thought it was the same Josh Johnson but after checking the back of the cards I found out they were not. In 2010, I remember seeing a transaction report where the Royals released Josh Johnson. As to the fates of the other 2 players - Unknown.

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