Sunday, May 29, 2011

George Foster vs. Jose Bautista

GEORGE FOSTER WEEKEND. The best thing about this card is the Blueish Purpleish Pinkish All Star Banner. This card from the 1979 Topps set also has a great background. What more can you ask for George Foster All Star Super Star player posing for his baseball card next to a steel fence and high school sized bleachers during a beautiful spring training day (probably from 1978). It is a very intimate setting (as oppposed to action shots at MLB stadiums) as fans seem to be an arm length away. I wonder how many of the people in the background know that they appeared a George Foster baseball card.

George Foster had a break out year at age 27 in 1975. Jose Bautista had a break out year at age 30 in 2010. Foster hit over 50 home runs at age 29, Jose age 30. Both players became stars at a much later age. Bill James had a theory that players that peak at a latter age have a shorter span at the top. George seemed to lose it at age 34 in 1982 when he went to the Mets. I think Jose has a another couple of good years in him.  

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