Monday, May 23, 2011

Baseball Card Price Guide History - 1955 Topps Harmon Killebrew

I did a little experiment with this round of Baseball Card Price Guide History. Harmon Killebrew passed away last week, so I wanted to compare his sales on Ebay for the week before his death with the week after his death. Anyway, here is Killebrew's Topps rookie card priced through history.

Price Guide                                         Value     
1982 Renata Galasso Guide                $15.00
9/1984 Baseball Cards Mag               $9-20.00
12/1986  Baseball Cards Mag            $15.75-35.00
10/1996 SportsCards                         $220.00
10/1998 SportsCards                         $225.00
2/2005 Beckett Baseball                    $150-250.00
2/2009 Beckett Baseball                    $150-250.00
2 weeks ago on Ebay                         $171.00 (59 sales - High $570)
Last week on Ebay                            $163.00 (87 sales - High $610)

I don't have any pricing between 1987 and 1995 but the card did go up a good bit during that time. As with most vintage cards the pricing for them has gone down since the mid 1990s. However, this card has seemed to hold some value. As I anticipated the week after Harmon Killebrew's death there were more sales of his cards, however there was not an increase in price (which I did not expect). However, with the laws of supply and demand it appears more people probably put his card up for sale after his death. (Thus flooding the market to keep up with increased demand).

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  1. I noticed a ton of people were selling Killebrew stuff at the TriStar show this past weekend... I guess it's kind of human nature for some people to try to meet the higher demand for products due to a player's passing.

    I know that I went on to see if I could pick up his autograph at a reasonable price. I decided to hold off and pick one up a little later when things settle down.