Thursday, October 7, 2010

Robin Yount #510 (Larry Bird's Face and Derek Jeter's Stats)

Robin Yount #510
Growing up I always thought Robin Yount looked a little like Larry Bird (but not the other way around). They were about the same age, Yount was 2 years older than Bird. Yount seemed to have a Bird (a real bird) like face, with a crooked angular nose and jaw.

There are two requirements (in my opinion- Dominance and Durability) for being a HOF. Yount gets a 10 in Durability because of his long career which he attained great statistics but even though he won 2 MVPs I never thought he was dominate.

I tried to think of a player that Yount was most similar to today and Derek Jeter was the first player that pop into my head. After looking up there statistics, darn I think I was right
            H     HR RBI      R    SB  BAT OPS
Yount 3142 251 1409 1632 271 .285 .772
Jeter   2926 234 1135 1685 332 .314 .837

Yount drove in runs because he hit lower in the order. Jeter had a higher OPS because he played in a more offensive era.

Photo Front:
as a blurry vision of some A's can be seen in the dugout in the background of this card. A lot of Brewers Donruss 1982 cards were taken from this game.
Back Stats

: As most Donruss 1982 back it is stat heavy but it does mention Yount was the MVP in the playoffs vs. the Yankees last fall.
Another action shot as Yount is leaving the batter's box about to drop his bat. The photo was taken in a game against the Oakland A's

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