Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NBA opener edition (Panini?)

Every Sport has a major defining base brand mass produced set. Topps has its base brand for Baseball. Football has Topps and Score. Hockey has Upper Deck, Victory and Score (and maybe O-Pee-Chee). However, what is it for Basketball. Last Year (2009-10) we had Panini Basketball, Upper Deck and Topps (even Bowman 48). However,for this year (which Panini has exclusive rights) what exactly do we have. Is the major Panini  base brand set this year going to be Donruss (which seems very expensive at 3 bucks a pack.). Is there going to be a Panini Basketball set this year, at all?

So far Panini exclusive agreement with the NBA is dissapointing. They are not really defined , they put out all these sets and call them different names (Certified, Absolute, Rookies and Stars, Classics) and I can't differentiate between them all. I know out of the 4 major team sports Basketball does not have that major set that everyone collects every year. It has been that way since Fleer ended its reign in the early 1990s. Topps and Upper Deck seemed to fill that niche and even Bowman Basketball  seemed like the set to collect for the past few years.

Come on Panini, what is your major base brand set going to be this year(and years after).

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