Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rick Burleson #342 (Brett Farve is not an Angel but Rick is)

Rick is pictured here as an Angel. However, most sports players are not Angels. Brett Farve, at least through the media was always perceived as a good old boy from Mississippi wearing those
Rangler jeans. In truth, he is a kind of good old boy who chased hot women (because he could) and maybe also a creepy good old boy who took photos of his private parts and sent them to hot women. Brett is no Angel and maybe never said he was but the image that helped him get million dollar endorsement deals obviously was not him. 

Photo Front: Another Angel whose photo was taken from the same game against the Milwaukee Brewers as Ford, Carew and Grich. This photo as the others was taken from the first base side.
Back Stats: Was an AL all star from 1977 thru 1979.

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