Sunday, October 24, 2010

NFL Football Sunday (the Overrated edition)

The top 7 overrated players in the NFL. 1. Peyton Manning (though his 1998 Topps rookie card is one of the most underrated football cards) 2. Tony Romo 3. Nate Clements (who?) 4. Tony Gonzalez 5. Albert Haynesworth 6. Philip Rivers 7. Ray Lewis.

I view tend to view being overrated as receiving excess accolades and compensation than one should.

Peyton Manning is a great quarterback, so how could he be overrated. Well he has won 4 MVPs more than anyone ever in the NFL. Think to yourself he is not the greatest QB ever and there were other players at other positions who were greater (Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Lawrence Taylor). So why does he have the most MVPs. He has won as many Super Bowls as Eli Manning (who I think is underrated). In most playoff games, other teams are able to exploit his limited athletic ability and render him somewhat ineffective. For the player with the most MVPs, this should not happen to.

Tony Romo, this is easy, I doubt more has been talked about a player that has done so little.

Nate Clements after the 2006, signed the largest contract ever for a defensive player. He has played on one team with a winning record and he has made the pro bowl once. He is an average player that was paid more than anyone else.

Tony Gonzalez is a 10 time pro bowler and 5 time All Pro.   Gonzalez has only played on 3 teams that won 10 or more games and one was in his rookie season when he did not start a game. He has made the playoffs 3 times since 1997. He has never played on a team that won a playoff game. You would think his greatness would translate into winning for his team.

Albert Haynesworth received 21 million dollar bonus in March to play a position that he can’t play.

Philip Rivers there are so called football experts who think Rivers is a better QB than Big Ben, are you kidding me.

Ray Lewis is an 11 time pro bowler and 7 time 1st team all-pro, he is good. But is he really a game changer. (though he recovered a fumble in today’s game) He is rock solid but Ed Reed who has been with the Ravens has been more of a big play changer than Ray. Ed has been there best defense player since 2002 and not Ray. This was the toughest pick

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