Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Don (don't spend your) Money (on Jersey cards) #384

There is a great post over at Sports Memorabilia News. It appears that a Mr. Ornstein sold allegedly authentic game used Jerseys to one card manufacturer who cut them up used them in their card sets. Well, Well, is this a surprise........... Always beware of all those super patch and jersey cards for sale as they may not be what they purport to be.

The Pirates were the only team to have Money (Don) and Cash (Dave) on the same team.

Photo Front: Money appears to be readujusting in the batter box between pitches, as he is holding his bat in only his right hand. There is a flash of green at the bottom of the card (which I think could be a Oakland A's catcher, thus making this photo taken from the same game as Yount and Thomas)
Back Stats: He underwent knee surgery after the '80 season.

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