Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pete Mackanin #354

The awesomeness of this card is the Twins unifrom. There is so much going on here. You have the red caps with TC. The powder blue uniform with red numbering and lettering and you have that great patch on his shoulder. You also have the red white and blue on his shoulder sleeve. Plus the fact that he was a red white and blue batting glove while holding the bat. Also, check out the light tower in the back ground.
Finally, he obviously has something in between his cheek and gum. That face is bringing the intensity for this .226 lifetime batting average (as of the end of 1981) utility infielder.
Back Facts: Wound up the Twins No 1. second baseman down the September Stretch last year.

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  1. Mackanin is a Chicago area native and I grew up a fan of his. I was interviewing Scott Eyre in the dugout when Mackanin walked by us. I couldn't wrap up the interview with Eyre and I missed my chance with Mackanin.