Friday, June 24, 2011

Panini Parallels vs. George Lucas's Star Wars

I have noticed a strikingly similarity between Panini Cards and Star Wars. Both take a concept and slightly vary it an infinite amount of times. For example, in 2010 Panini Threads football, the base cards had 6  (slighty) different parallel versions of itself. The insert Grid Iron Kings cards had 9 (slighty) different versions of itself. In some cases, the cards came in different colors, or with added materials or signatures or both.

In 1977, Star Wars came to the movie screens. I believe sometime in the late 1980s, it was remastered for better quality for the VHS tapes. In 1997, it was rereleased with additional footage. In 2004, there became a DVD version of the film. Sometime in the very near future in a galaxy close close by there will be a 3-D version of the film. There may have been other addtions (or parallel versions) that I can remember or don't know about.

But like Panini, George Lucas took his feature film and recolorized (different colors) it, added scenes (materials or signatures), 3-D it (materials and signatures) to give the public what it wants (or to milk a cow as much as he can or in Panini case, sell as many versions of a card that you can).

I have no doubt that the 3-D films will do well at the box office or some collector will try to buy all  nine versions of Steve Young Grid Iron King cards.

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