Saturday, June 18, 2011

O.K. Topps Where is Justin Smoak's rc logo?

O.K., Justin Smoak came up last year with Seattle. However, he never made it into 2010 Topps Update and Highlight set. Should he have appeared in it? They way Topps has been designating rookie cards in the last few years appears to go this way. Players that come up in late August and September get a rookie card in the next years Series 1 set. Rookies that appear on opening day rosters appear in Series 2. Players that make their debut after opening day and to late August usually appear in the Updated Set. Smoak came up prior to late August last year so he should have appeared in the update set. He did not. Because he did not does that mean he does get a not rookie card logo. That does not make any sense. So now Smoak goes with any card being designated as his rookie card. Just because he did not appear in the update set does not mean he should not get the rookie card logo.

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