Thursday, June 9, 2011

Night Owls Card Back Countdown - My Analysis and My Predictions

There are only 2 sets left in Night Owls Card  Back Countdown. He has picked card backs for Topps sets 25 positions out of the 48 picked so far. Of those 25 sets, 21 have been prior to 1982. Night Owl has kept to mostly the main stream sets. Besides Topps, He has had Upper Deck, Score, Donruss, Fleer and Bowman on his Top 50 list 11 times. He has gone outside the box on a few occasions (including SSPC Yankees' 1978, 1953 Johnston Cookies, 1911 T205).

His oddest picks - He has 2 Skybox sets from 1999 (Thunder and Premuim). I have to admit I liked Thunder more than any other sets that year for Baseball and Basketball and I was hardly collecting at the time.

He has kept away from the Premuim (the super expensive set - 1993 Leaf, 1992 Pinnacle, 1991 Studio don't count).

My Predictions: He will pick one set pre-1982 and one set post 1982. One of the Top 2 sets will be Topps and another a non-Topps set.

I have not seen the backs all of the baseball sets but I have seen most prior to 1992. There were more main stream Baseball sets made in 2004 than probably from 1952-1985 combined. Thus, it is very unlikely that he is going to pick like a Topps Tribute or UD Black etc... He is going to pick something that most people have seen so he is not going to pick oddball either.

The prediction I am most confident about - 1994 Collector's Choice Baseball. I did not collect this set (I did collect the FB set) and have not seen all the cards but I have seen some (the football set was outstanding and I hate Upper Deck). It had a great photo, full stats and write ups on the back and it is the first set that pops into my mind on great card back sets. This will be number 1.

My second prediction is tougher to pick. I am going with 1959 Topps it has all the great things in a card back. I did not go back and reread all of his post so if he eliminated this set or addressed it, I can't remember. But based on all the sets remaining, after looking at the card back this one stands out the most. This is pick number 2

Longshots - 1987 Fleer, (loved the new stats look); 2008 Topps (there is something about this set I cant explain but maybe too similar to 1992 Topps), 1975 Topps (his other blog - too obvious - a little hard to read the backs).

Side Notes: Football Card backs that were great - 1971 Topps (it had longest write-ups or most words written on any set that I have ever seen), 1991 Bowman (also huge write-ups on the back) and 1994 CC above.



  1. The world, huh?

    All I can say is some of your predictions are correct and some are not.

  2. I wouldn't say I actually made a prediction but if it isn't one of the top 50 it got robbed...

  3. TAS - BIG is too of an oddball set to be pick, though it has a great back it was not mainstream and it was oversized. It would be a BIG upset if it was in the final 2.