Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rod Scurry #185 (giving us the finger)

A great looking baseball card but a serious personel tragedy. It is almost looking like Rod is giving us the finger on this card but I don't believe that is his middle finger as I think I can see his thumb next to it. (Maybe he is referencing that the Pirates are No 1. - shades of 1972 Martin) It is also cool that his name is on his written glove. The black and gold Pirate uniforms work well with the Donruss design. Plus a nice shot of trees in the background, a colorful card that holds up 30 years later.

Rod got caught up with the wrong crowd, he started dating a girl from the Garfield section of Pittsburgh, got involved in drugs (Cocaine Scandel of 1986) and I believed died some time in the 1990s of an overdose. Though he does look like one bad hombre here, someone you did not want to mess with.

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