Thursday, July 28, 2011

The 4 angels

I decided to do one post for these guys because how similar their cards look. They are all in the beginning of  or just in the aftermath of their pitching motion and they also happen to be Angels. You can see the ball in Frost and Zahn's hand. Renko has a ball in his hand but you can not see it on the card. Also, Frost, Zahn and Renko all appear to have one leg up in the air. Witt is the only pitcher standing on his own 2 feet. I think the Frost and Renko cards were taken at the same staduim and probably on the same day. There is a player in the background of Renko's card it could be Bobby Grich but from the positioning angle it is probably a shortstop. Renko also appears to have something between his cheek and gum. Another interesting aspect of these 4 Angels they all had 4 or 5 letters in their first and last name. Also, all  were big dudes except Zahn (who went 6'1), the other three were at least 6 feet 6 inches Tall.

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