Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lord Morpheus The Sandman vs. Roger Clemens (misremembering)

Three years ago Roger Clemens volunteered to testify in front of Congress. (Ha Ha First rule never volunteer for anything – 2nd rule don’t volunteer to testify in front of Congress.). He was testifying about his alleged drug/steroid use. He was asked questions concerning what Andy Petitte stated in a sworn deposition. When questioned about Pettite’s testimony Roger stated that Andy “misremembered” a conversation that they had in the past.

(I) and most people (the media) stated that they never heard of the word misremember. Well, I was wrong, there was a comic series called the Sandman comic which began  in the late 1980s. The first story arch was called Preludes and Nocturnes which I first read it in 2001. In Preludes and Nocturnes author Neil Gaiman had one of his characters use the word misremember in his dialogue. 

I never knew Roger Clemens read the Sandman.


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