Sunday, December 5, 2010

WERTH DEAL IS CRAZY!!!!!!. (Mistakes of the Past)

The Deal that Jason Werth got is crazy. Werth got a 7 year - 126 million dollar deal. First off - Werth was born in 1979, Thus he will be 32 in 2011 and he will be 38 in 2017 at the end of the deal. I doubt he will even be in baseball by then.

Werth is known as a late bloomer, he did not come into his own until 2008, when he was 29. Late bloomers tend to have shorter peak in career performance.  Players that are good at 20-21 years old tend to have long careers think Griffey, Pujols, Williams. Players who are really good for the first time in the late 20s tend to be like Eric Byrnes and Aaron Rowland.

Also, Werth was protected in that Phillies lineup with all those all-stars. This looks like Aaron Rowand all over again.  Rowand made the All-Star team at 30 in 2007. He then signed a huge deal with the Giants. He spent good amount of time on the bench during the World Series.  Here are the Giants,  they waste all this money on Rowand, but they still win the World Series. That does not make any sense and that is REALLY CRAZY. Maybe the Nats are hoping for the same.

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