Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jim Wright #490 (P-21)

I have decided to try to post 24 blogs in the next 48 hours. This will give those of you for which the next 2 days are only Friday and Saturday something to enjoy. My other goal is total domination of the Sports Card Blogroll. Yes that is right, about every hour or two (or three) for the next 2 days My blog will be the top  post on the Blogroll. Yes Total Domination of the Sports Card Blogroll will be MINE!!!!!
I present you Jim Wright. (Who?). The back of his card tells it all "Began last year what he hopes to be the longest comebacks in recent years....First Developd arm troubles in Aug. of 1977 and finally had to undergo surgery for a bone defect in his arm in '78.

The last 2 sentenaces got me thinking - in 1982 where did Donruss get the info on Jim Wright. There was no internet at the time, did they go out and buy all 26 year books for all the MLB teams.

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