Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tom Lasorda #110 (2008 Topps Kevin Millwood 26 years later)

Unbelievable, but it appears that Kevin Millwood on his 2008 Topps card is standing almost in the same location as Tom Lasorda on his 1982 Donruss card. Compare the light tower and the green outfield wall. They both look like it is the same background and both were standing in the same spots.

While I never really liked this guy and kind of thought of him as a phony, this card is a beauty. Tom is posed looking off to the Big Blue Dodger in the Sky. There is a large light post just off his shoulder in this classic spring training shot. The back of  the card mentions that Tom reached the pinnacle of his career last October when he piloted the Dodgers to a six game triumph over
the Yankees.


  1. Pretty sure the Millwood was taken at Suprise Stadium during Spring Training.


  2. Thanks, I did not think that Lasorda's photo was from Vero Beach