Friday, November 12, 2010

Gorman Thomas Klingon (Cardassians vs. Kardashians)

I always thought Gorman Thomas looked like a Klingon. I was a big fan of Star Trek, I watched the syndicated show in the 1970s but it was Star Trek The Next Generation that took me over the top. I really did not get into it, its first year which premiered in the fall of 1987. However, in the late fall of 1988, the second season, I caught an episode called Where Silence has No Lease and I was hooked.  Then after that there was just one great episodes after another. Its 2nd season was its best - it was during this seasons that they introduced the Borg (the Federations greatest adversary). There was a prelude episode to the Borg in Season One, however, you have to watch it to figure it out.

Over time the Kligons look evolved on Star Trek. Gorman looks more fitting in the first series as opposed to 75 years into the future, on the second series. Someone once explained to me that between the First and Second Series, the Kligons look changed because they were evolving.

The Cardassians were introduced around 1990 or 1991 on Star Trek TNG. I did not know what to make of them as they appeared to be a second rate species. They were featured more in the third Star Trek Series Deep Space Nine.

The First time I heard the word Kardashians was in 1994, during the OJ Simpson freeway chase. I don't watch much reality TV but I have caught some episodes of this show and it is kind of funny.

However, I wonder  who would win - the Cardassians or the Kardashians (I am including Bruce Jenner and Scott Disick on this team). It would be a galactic battle with Repercussions throughout the Galaxy but I think the Gorman Thomas Klingons would kick both of their butts.

Gorman Thomas #26

Since these are the first year of the  Diamond Kings, Donruss tended to select the Best Player on each team for the honor. This diamond king set had I believe the best player selection of any year that these cards were part of the base set. At this time Milwaukee had a lot of greatplayers but they chose Thomas, which should give you an idea about how good people thought he was in 1981-1982 time period.

Back Stats: Stormin Gorman Thomas is one of baseball's most exciting performers. (Nuff said)

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