Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Morning QB (Top Ten Edition)

In honor of the NFL Networks list of the greatest of all –time – here are the best players in the NFL today. 1. Big Ben 7#, 2. Clay Mathews 3. Ray Rice 4. Chris Johnson 5. Desean Jackson
6. Darrel Revis 7. Troy Palomula 8. Peyton Manning 9. DeMarcus Ware 10. Joe Thomas

Big Ben is the best talent in the game today and with another Super Bowl could probably vault him into one of the best QBs ever.

Clay Mathews is having the best first two years for a defensive player since Lawrence Taylor in 1981 and 1982. He looks like LT. Last year he ripped a football out of Adrian Peterson’s hands and took it for a TD. Yesterday, he took INT home for a 62 yard TD.

Rice is the best runner and receiver in the NFL today.

CJ has great speed and strength and in today’s passing game is one of the few running backs that can dominate like running backs from the 1960s and 1970s.

Desean Jackson may vault to being the best player in the NFL by the end of the season. Jackson has a big play ability that can only be matched by Chris Johnson. He is making life for Michael Vick a lot easier.

Calvin Johnson caught one pass yesterday on Revis Island.

Troy is a 2-time Super Bowl, if he is injured, the Steelers can’t make the playoffs.

Peyton Manning, a 4 time MVP is still a functionary offense machine.

Ware is on a really bad team right night but he is a complete Linebacker.

Peyton Hillis (who) ran for over 180 yards yesterday. The Browns have no offensive skill players of note but are dangerous because Joe Thomas is a man among boys on the field

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