Monday, February 14, 2011

Sports Card Radio is Hilarious and I love it.

If you ever watch Box Breaks on You Tube check out Sports Card Radio, it is hilarious. I recently watched a 3 video break of 2010 Topps series 2. The guy that rips open the packs is hilarious. He mispronounces half of the players name. And he is not doing it on purposed.  Some of my favorites were Luis Aparicio and Nate McLouth. Another time, he also mistook Alexi Rameriz for Alex Rodriguez. There was about 10 seconds of silence on the tape when he finally realized that Alexi was not Alex.

But I truly love Sports Cards Radio Box Breaks because they show ever single card in the break. Yes, I said it, they show ever single card and this is what I want. I hate Box Break where all you see are hands shuffling cards and you don't see any cards unless it is a so called hit.

Sport Card Radio box breaks are inadvertanly funny and  perfectly executed and enjoyable to watch.  


  1. Agreed! I was just saying that I enjoyed the Dimwit's breaks for the same reason. I love box breaks that show every single card.

  2. I've also enjoyed watching BA Benny's break so far for this same reason.