Monday, January 17, 2011

Bad Basketball Cards Photos

For me, card manufacturers have the toughest time creating well centered photos on Basketball Cards. Case in point is this 2005-06 Topps  Andrei Kirilenko. I loved the 2005-06 Topps design. The problem I have with this card and many basketball card photos is the positioning of the player on this card. Andrei's head is about 60 down on the photo. I hate these photos where all you see is the players upper chest, head and uplifted arm. Unless it is a posed head shot, the players head should be at least in the top 50 percent of the photo.

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  1. I totally agree. I would like to see as much of a play or move, including a defender (if possible). Photo's make up biggest portion of card design. I think the root of the problem is proximity to the players. For the most part, photographers are farther away from the action on football fields and baseball diamonds. In basketball, they're right under the basket. Just ask the guy Dennis Rodman kicked.