Thursday, January 20, 2011

6 degrees of Vada Pinson (1910 WS Champs to 2010 WS Champs)

In 1981 Vada Pinson coached Harold Baines who played for the 2001 White Sox who had Aaron Rowland on the Team. Aaron played for the 2010 WS Champs SF Giants. In 1958, Vada played with Walt Dropo who played in 1946 with Ted Williams (on the B Sox). Ted played with Lefty Grove in 1939 who was coached by Connie Mack on the 1925 Philadephia A's. Connie Mack was the World Series manager of the 1910 Philadelphia A's.

Mack (1910 Champ) - Grove - Williams - Dropo - PINSON - Baines - Rowland (2010 Champ)

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