Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is this the best looking card of the 1980s? A Blogger Challenge

This card comes to mind after yesterdays post on Maz. You have probably seen this card before at least hundred times but can you come up with a baseball card from the 1980s that could just top the sheer awesomeness of this card.

This card is just excudes class and style and smoothness. It has an unusual camera angle. It is an in action show that tells you something that happened that does not actually show you on the card. It shows you the classic Yankee uniform and has a hall of famer in the background(Yount right?). The 1983 Topps set may have been the best set of the 1980s. What more can you ask for.

Can any Blogger produce a Baseball Card from the 1980s that can top this card.

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