Wednesday, March 23, 2011

California Golden Seals

I remember in the early 1970s, in the winter time, on Friday nights, it always seemed like the California Golden Seals were usually playing and they were probably at home. I have not checked the internet to determine if it is true. This is from my memory. It was a different time, when you did not have the internet and only 3 TV channels. 

What I remember was the on Friday nights in the early 1970s the Golden Seals were not only the only game in town but the only game in North America. Living 3000 miles away, I used to imagine what was or would be happening at the game (since they did not start until later East Coast Time.).

I would spread my Hockey cards out on the kitchen table and play a hockey game with them depending on who they were playing. I still remember those thrilling battles on the kitchen table with Joey Johnston going against Phil Esposito and the big bad Boston Bruins. One other thing I loved about the Golden Seals was there uniforms. Here is a nice shot of 1970s porn mustache and a Golden Seals uniform.



  1. I didn't start watching hockey until 1991 when the Sharks came into town... but I've listened in on people talking about the Seals. This card is cool... I might have to hunt down some Seals and add them to my PC.