Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jon Matlack - #215

I have decide to review each card of the set as they ramdonly appeared in the opened factory set I purchased.

First up is Jon Matlack.

Interesting notes about the card:

Front Photo: Posed shot of Matlack covering the front part of his uniform. The background appears to be clear blue ski. Matlack's cap is promenantly displayed on the front (A big Texas T).

Back Facts: Matlack's middle name is (get this) TRUMPBOUR. The back mentions that he had a disappointing season in 81 and prompting the Rangers to offer him in trade talks over the winter. It also mentions he was the player rep during the strike.

Bateman Comments: I believe the back is more descriptive than most of the 1982 Donruss cards which are mostly factual based and not opinionated or glowing with tidbits.

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